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Letter: Democratic Party is evil

I read Mr. Hoffman’s diatribe in the Sunday Post Independent about “Team Trump.” His name-calling is unfortunately typical for a card-carrying Democrat: Don’t talk about the substance of what’s going on, because if you actually have to argue the merits, you’ll lose. I have trouble listening to someone who supported Hillary Clinton talk about our not knowing when we’ve been lied to; Hillary’s entire campaign, and in fact, her and Bill’s entire political careers, were based on lies, intimidation, greed, theft and dishonesty.

The so-called “investigation” into Russian hacking into the election has turned into a “take-down Trump” slugfest. From James Comey to Clapper to the Senate Intelligence Committee, everyone who’s been asked has stated that there is no evidence of collusion between any member of the Trump campaign and the Russians, and yet the hearings and the investigation go on. After Comey got fired, deservedly, I think, for being a politician instead of the nation’s chief investigator, the Democrats’ hissy fit resulted in the hiring of Robert Mueller as an “independent” investigator. Mueller, it turns out, is a close friend of Comey’s, and at least three members of his Russia probe staff are longtime Democratic campaign contributors. Is there anything the Democrats get involved in that doesn’t stink of conflict of interest or corruption?

I believe that it is unChristian to hate people, so I won’t go so far as to say that I hate any of the Democrats involved in this mess. However, I do believe that it is fitting and proper to hate evil, and since the Democrat Party is truly hell-bent on lies, deception, misinformation, corruption, theft and in fact, the overthrow of the now-proven legitimately elected government of the United States of America, I am willing to say that I hate the Democrat Party and everything it stands for because it’s evil.

I now pledge to do everything I can to lawfully, logically and legitimately destroy the Democrat Party, so that its corrupt and evil influence will never again take our beloved country down the disastrous road it was on for the last eight years. I wholeheartedly believe in a two-party, or even a three-party system, but the Democrat Party should not be one of the players. I don’t hate the Democrats themselves — I pity them, because if anyone is a victim of delusional thinking and having been lied to and believing every lie they’re told, it’s them.

If anyone can prove to me that President Trump has lied to us about any of the issues that the Democrats have raised, I’m willing to listen. So far, no one’s been able to do that. The smoke continues to billow, but there’s no fire, because the Democrats are out back burning oily rags and trying to make it look legitimate. I’m fed up with it, and I hope there is an electoral shutout in the next election, with the Democrats losing every office they hold. They need to be driven from the arena of legitimate political discourse, because they don’t know how to do that. Lies and misinformation do not constitute legitimate political debate, nor do they add anything to solving any of the problems our nation faces — they only provide a distraction that keeps progress from being made.

Kevin Stephenson

Glenwood Springs


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