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Letter: Democrats following Nixon’s lead

The take away from Bill Clinton is that he was amoral. The take away from Richard Nixon was that he was immoral. Where does Trump fit in? Amoral, Trump is not, nor is he immoral.

If Bill could have sex in the oval office, what else wouldn’t he do? Richard Nixon had much to hide, or thinks he did, and then compounded it by ordering a break-in into the opposition party’s headquarters. 

Trump doesn’t fall into either of these extremes. He is who he is, straight up. That’s what throws people.

The bigger picture is that like Nixon, the Democrats have much to hide and then have compounded it by ordering a break-in into Trump’s underwear drawer.

Nixon was afraid of his re-election, following the bombing of Cambodia. Democrats are afraid of the exposure of their collusion with Russian oligarchs to take over Russia. To cover this up, Democrats followed Nixon’s lead, but with a twist. Trump kind of spoiled their plan, so they blame Trump for cousinly crimes.

The final question: How many Democrats does it take to go through Donald Trump’s underwear? MDGA.

Fred Stewart

Grand Junction

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