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Letter: Democrats — we gotta fight

I watched both nights of the Democrat Party debates in Miami the last two nights, and it gives me hope again that my five grandchildren will inherit a better America than what we are experiencing today. I have hopes that all my Democrat friends watched the debates and are as frustrated and as angry as I am as to what the Republican Party has done to our country in the last two years with Trump as president. 

The really scary part was when the news showed Trump with Putin and laughing and making jokes about Putin interfering with our 2016 election, at the meeting in Osaka, Japan. Madeline Albright stated on MSNBC News that this was simply appalling to her, and in an interview with Jimmy Carter, he stated that Trump is not a legitimate president. I guess this still does not phase the die-hard right wing Republicans who profess to be Christians. As Trump said, he can shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and get away with it. Folks, he is doing much more damage than that right now. He is destroying our democracy every day he is president with more than 11,000 lies now (averaging 12 a day for every day he is in the White House).

Every one of the Democratic contenders has more intelligence, morals and simply “class” than the very sick pathological liar and criminal in the White House today. Any of them would be a better president for America today.

Democrats, please “get more involved and excited” about the election coming up next year. It’s useless to try to address a Republican these days, so I won’t even try. I’m so saddened by the ignorance.

Linda Carr


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