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Letter: Dems ‘blew it’ alright

Ah, Bruno. It’s always refreshing reading your musings in the PI. You are certainly consistent, if not redundant, in your self-professed nationalist leanings. In your recent letter “Democrats Blew It” you couldn’t have hit the nail on the head any harder.

Democrats definitely blew it. But not for the ridiculous reason of ignoring Trump’s “offer” of citizenship for DACA recipients in exchange for his silly wall. (You know, the one Mexico was gonna pay for?) A plan that would never even make the floor of the House for consideration, by the way.

Nope, Dems blew it with their complacency. They dropped the ball during eight years of Obama, embracing the status quo and turning a blind eye to what the GOP was becoming, and the propaganda that was making it happen. They were running a candidate mired in baggage, contrived or not, against a GOP machine that had nearly succumbed to its far-right faction.

With the eventual selection of Trump as their candidate, the fix was in, and that mandate realized. Even evangelicals threw in their support, selling their souls for the man who might finally stop abortion and get rid of those pesky gays. The most “ungodliest” candidate, by some estimations. Hey, folks of God, remember the endless scrutiny of Obama’s churches? Trump doesn’t even go.

And Dems blew it in their underestimation of the nativist fear and hatred that had developed during their eight years in the White House. The dog-whistley Make America Great Again has given us Donald J. Trump, the great white hope, undoer of all-things-Obama. Now, Latinos are all drug dealers, rapists and MS-13 gangbangers; Muslims are all here to blow themselves up in our churches while imposing Sharia law; black people are all Black-Panther-Lives-Matter militants; gays are all indoctrinating our children. Immigrants and those “different” people are ruining our country. And, as you so eloquently pointed out, no Republican is going to create a bloc of 2 million Democratic voters.

Regardless of who’s polling who, Mr. Kirchenwitz, history will be the judge of Trump. If the Republic can survive him.

Dana Andersen

New Castle

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