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Letter: Depoliticize the process

To quote from Marco Diaz’s letter of Jan. 4, regarding economic woes: “These oligarchs will monopolize not just our economy but our government. Our votes will no longer count. Politicians are already beholden to their donors and not their constituents. It will only get worse.”

As long as the money flows, and professionals can be bought off, and projects funded, things are good.

One wonders about the assessment process of the Sunlight Bridge. Is the old Sunlight Bridge to be as redundant as the one-lane Cardiff Bridge was, relative to a new Sunlight Bridge? What will be gained, and whose taxpayer dollars are at work? Sounds like a “snow job” driven by the same forces that condemned any options for the old Grand Avenue Bridge.

One can’t rely on one opinion or an oligarch. Depoliticize the process.

Fred Stewart

Grand Junction

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