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Letter: Detention centers are not concentration camps

Words are powerful — be careful how you use them. The lead photo on the front page of the July 13 Post Independent shows a gentleman holding a sign reading “END U.S. CONCENTRATION CAMPS”. The term concentration camp has been repeated often, ever since Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y used the term and then followed it up with saying “never again.”In doing so, she was referring to the camps in Nazi occupied territories during WWII, and by using it as a reference to the detention centers in the United States demeaned the millions upon millions of people who were purposely and systematically starved, enslaved, killed and disposed of by the Nazis. To compare these detention centers to the concentration camps used by the Nazis during WWII is not being honest, sincere or truthful.

Upon reading the article, Colin Wilhelm, a local attorney, is also quoted using the term “concentration camps.” Mr. Wilhelm is a highly educated individual, a member of the Colorado State Bar Association, but I wonder what he would say to any of the Holocaust survivors who are still alive. They are reminded every day by the number tattooed on their forearm what a concentration camp really is. I challenge anyone who uses the term “concentration camps” when describing detention centers to utilize Google and look at the photos of real concentration camps and read what transpired in them.

One of the very best benefits of living in the United States of America is our right to say whatever we want to, whenever we want to. It is important that people of different opinions have open discussions with each other, but remember that words are powerful — be careful how you use them.

Marc Adler,
Glenwood Springs

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