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Letter: Detour memories

Now that the Grand Avenue Bridge is open and traffic patterns have returned to normal I was reminiscing about the closure.  While it was certainly inconvenient for many, and traumatic for some, there are some things I will miss (and others that I won’t) about the GAB detour.

Miss: Walking to work every day

Not miss: Almost getting run over every day (stop signs, crosswalks? Anyone?)

Miss: Chief Wilson at the corner of Eighth and Grand.

Not Miss: Chief Wilson’s various hats as worn on the corner of Eighth and Grand.

Miss: The Bridge Answer Man. Thanks, Tom.

Not Miss: Fred Stewart’s incessant letters complaining about the new bridge (and old alignment) that was almost finished anyway.

Miss: Electric bikes

Not Miss: Electric bikes

Miss: Watching the bridge construction

Not Miss: Traffic jams at odd hours (where is everyone going at 2:35 p.m. on a Sunday?)

Miss: The camaraderie amongst fellow walkers, bicyclists, RFTA riders, “the walking school bus” and other commuters as we actually talked and interacted while getting to work. I am going to make an effort to continue to use alternative transportation (at least a few days a week) because it is healthy, fun and good for the environment.

Thank you everyone from the construction workers, to law enforcement, to CDOT, to the schools, the commuters, etc., who all got through the construction with patience and grace.

Tony Hershey

Glenwood Springs

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