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Letter: Detour worries

I recently attended a CDOT/city-sponsored meeting relating to the Grand Avenue bridge and how neighborhoods could be affected. This meeting was for the Red Mountain and Cowdin and Odin neighborhoods. There was a good showing of residents from both areas.

There was not a lot to take away from the meeting because “they” really don’t know how well the detour/relocation of 82 will fare. They anticipate folks will use the 114 exit, down Midland to Eighth, Eighth to Colorado, Colorado to Ninth and then back to Grand. “They” believe this will be the most-used route to get through town and that traffic will move faster than traveling south on Midland and then 27th to Grand. What was obvious is no-one is sure; Chief Terry Wilson said it really is going to be a wait and see.

What troubles me is the emergency response that may be needed. The need for an ambulance in a life and death situation, the need for Fire Department response and the many other scenarios one could think of; another fire similar to Coal Seam, for an example.

The residents in my neighborhood and throughout town are at risk, response time will be challenged. I worry that a wait and see is too dangerous.

I hope CDOT and the emergency agencies create some computer models of the different scenarios and how they will respond. I would even like them to do some mock responses to improve the plan. Let’s be proactive here for the Glenwood citizens. You know if slow traffic causes someone to be late for work, that it’s not the end of the world. If a traffic jam prohibits emergency response that is quite another problem.

Rick Davis
Glenwood Springs

Editor’s note: Davis is a candidate for the Glenwood Springs at large City Council seat.

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