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Letter: Develop S. Canyon springs

In regard to Steve Beckley’s option to study the South Canyon city property, I would like to state, it is about time.

My family has owned property at the five mile marker since 1992 and has seen nothing happening to let anyone enjoy this land. In fact, I took my husband to a city council meeting before his death in the fall 2003 to suggest, to no avail, that at least restroom facilities be installed. Bob also mentioned the occasional camper that had pulled in behind some areas.

The very next time I went out there the city had moved large rocks to block any access to where anyone could camp and they had put rocks along the road where the locals could not bring their children to sled close to the road. We could not believe that the “city fathers” did not want anyone to use this land.

Cecilia Hadley

Glenwood Springs


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