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Letter: Development issues

Maybe I missed it, but is anybody going to start a discussion regarding “What’s next for the Glenwood Springs mall?”

Perhaps local leaders should be proactive in encouraging redevelopment of the site containing a mix of high density “affordable housing,” not apartments, with a small number of affordable commercial spaces with preference given to locally owned businesses. In point of fact there are several parcels along the U.S. 6 corridor that would lend themselves to community redevelopment other than car dealerships.

Let’s face it, the development of Glenwood Meadows was a good thing for consumers and GWS tax coffers; however, it significantly harmed the business corridor of north-west Glenwood along U.S. 6. The small, family-owned motels were harmed if not replaced by Marriott, Big John’s replaced by Lowe’s, Glenwood Gardens replaced by Lowe’s, etc.

Without community leaders actually taking an active role in such matters, it is little wonder that “the other side of the tracks,” becomes a reality.

Marco Diaz


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