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Letter: Did you vote for this?

OK, a show of hands of the people who voted for the RE-1 bond issue who thought they were voting to put some teachers out of work. You would think after being given $122 million, building a entire new K-8 school would mean more jobs.

School districts are an anomaly. They can ask for enormous amounts of money from us taxpayers with out any solid info on how it will be spent. No other group can pull that off, and school districts should not be able to either. We should demand more accountability, more solid information on where these hundreds of millions of dollars are going. And a board of a handful of people should not be the only ones making these decisions — we, the taxpayers, should have some say.

Oh, by the way, remember when the proponents of the bond issue were advertising that it is only going to cost you $25 a month increase in your property taxes? Well take a look, because mine went up twice that much.

I hope the teachers get this under control. No existing teacher in good standing should loose their job because we built a new school. They should have the option to stay in the district.

John Korrie

Glenwood Springs

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