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Letter: Different Bible translation

After reading Mr. Malo’s assertions that St. Paul was a “chauvinistic, sexist pig who hated women and was very fond of little boys” (PI letter Jan. 5), I was amused to say the least. You see, I was raised in a Lutheran family and attended a parochial school named after St. Paul. During a near decade of religious instruction, I can’t recall a single reference to him being queer or a pedophile. Which translation of the Bible have you been reading, Fred?

I’ve lost the need for organized religion in my life and I never had much respect for one that castrated little boys to keep them singing sweetly to start with, but where did Fred come up with the self-revealing belief that half the Roman Clergy was gay? I don’t think they publish those kinds of statistics. Did you conduct some personal research, Fred? I do hope this wasn’t an awkward attempt at coming out of your closet.

In any case, the Bible says Jesus did indeed welcome all to his flock. However, he had them check their sinful habits at the pasture gate. You see Fred, Jesus didn’t just accept people, he changed them.

Just saying.

Bruno Kirchenwitz 



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