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Letter: Disappearing morals

John Stroud’s article (3/26 In Defiance) referenced an online poll of the recent student walkouts in protest of gun violence taking place recently across our nation and around the world.

Taking the time to reflect on the history of this nation, I believe the truth of the matter of decline of the morals of our people living in America over the past years is a valid indication of what the real problem is. 

Before continuing, may it be explained what the word “morals” mean; as some readers may not understand what the definition of “morals” used to be. Webster’s Dictionary reads as follows: first usage: “of or relating to principles of right and wrong behavior.”

In our society this definition does not fit. Today, this idea is offensive to many people who strongly believe that there is no absolutes now, whatever each person believes is right in their view must be valid to all other people in our world and accepted.

The Columbine school shootings in Denver took place on Adolf Hitler’s birthday because the killer thought it would be great. One girl, if you remember, was asked “Do you believe in God?” She applied “yes” and was killed for her answer.

Let us backtrack in history now in studying of history facts: President Lincoln was killed because he believed that “all men are created equal and free everywhere.” No where in history can it be found of any school shootings of children in our nation; until in the last few years. There have been many wars since Lincoln’s time. 

Let us advance to the first World War, the second World War, Korean War, etc., in which many guns became people’s property. A person could purchase firearms in catalogs, and other places without any question asked of their background. Murders were limited to issues over alcohol in gangs in Chicago, and other large cities. Murders of “moral people” were very rare.

Around 1960, it can be said that our nation ruled the right of abortion, and teaching of evolution was to be taught along with the teaching of creation of God in schools. Soon after this, the family started to change from the past of the husband working and mom raised the children. The breakup of marriages became commonplace; 50 percent today. Kids come home to a empty home to fend for themselves. Often to be raised by a single parent. The schools are teaching what “they” think the students need to learn. Is this a good policy?

It wasn’t long after 1960 that the Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage against most states.

Here we are today and not addressing the real answer to our rapid decline and violence we see today. Is our history where we find the answer to school shootings and other problems in America?

Is God the answer, when looking into our past?

Ken Else



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