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Letter: Disappointed in secondhand stores

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On Wednesday, Oct. 23, there was a fire at Rifle Colorado Carquest, which had apartment units above the store. On this day there were several families that were displaced from their homes. Many of them had to run out of their building half-dressed — no shoes, no shirts, no anything. Some of them didn’t even have families to come and help and make sure that they were OK.

One of the people that came out of this fire was an acquaintance of mine. He left his apartment in a pair of jeans that he grabbed on the way out the door. He barely had time to react. In the process he had no shoes, no jacket or anything from his apartment. So we went to the town for help. However after a few phone calls made to secondhand stores within the area, all of them refused to help him. They refused to help him because he did not have a proof of address at the time. He just lost everything in a fire including the shoes on his feet. And not one single secondhand store stated that they could help give these people a pair of $4 shoes.

People donate to secondhand stores for free because of people who are need of items every day. I feel the lack of caring from the secondhand stores as they state they need a proof of address to help people who have nothing. I donate to these stores often; however, I feel that I shouldn’t anymore if the secondhand stores can’t even help the people who are in need in the first place.

This man that morning needed help. And he didn’t get it because his mail was burned in his household. I have no idea where this man is going to sleep, or no idea where this man is going to sit down and eat a hot meal. This man literally had nothing when he walked out of that burning building. And I was just flabbergasted to know that a place that takes donations would not help him get a $4 pair of shoes because he lost everything.

Cory Hohn


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