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Letter: Disappointed in sheriff’s statements

I was disappointed but not surprised to learn Sheriff Vallario’s views on gun control. Comparing drunk driving to shooting people is interesting. Seems we regulate the heck out of driving, with speed limits, driving tests, vision tests, driver’s licenses, insurance requirements, sobriety tests, road checks, etc. I can buy an AR-15 in a parking lot … legally. No training, no background check, no registration. And I can get magazines that hold dozens of rounds and I can buy all the ammo I want. That should make everyone feel good.

Comparing an AR-15 to other “sporting” rifles is interesting, as well. Rifles with those sorts of capacities don’t seem too sporting to me. And what kind of hunter needs more than three or four rounds before reloading? Not one I want to be around.

I’ve had experience with an AR-15. I spent a year attached to one in the jungles of Vietnam. I can attest that they are great killing machines. I also learned that for a weapon to be effective, you pretty much have to have it in your hands at all times. You can’t lock it in a case or a drawer and protect yourself. I guess the sheriff would have teachers walking around the classroom with loaded guns in their hands. My wife was a wonderful teacher for 34 years. She told me if she had been required to have a gun in the classroom, she would have quit.

I recently read a stat that while most all countries share about an equal amount of violence, it seems none come close to our tally of gun victims. Gee, I wonder what the difference is. Australia got rid of assault weapons and got rid of mass shootings. I saw a report on Channel 9 this week that showed a dramatic drop in mass shooting during the period when assault weapons were banned. When the ban was lifted, mass shootings spiked and are now a weekly event. Hmm…

The NRA would have you believe that any sensible gun regulation means “they” are coming for your guns. The idea that sensible regulation is a threat to gun ownership is ridiculous. I guess if we have speed limits, “they” are coming for your car. The NRA has morphed from a sportsman’s organization about gun safety and training into an enormous lobbying machine for the gun manufacturers. I agree with the Florida children who are calling out elected officials who take money from and then are highly graded by the NRA. Gun sales also spike when these shootings occur. I’m sure the NRA and the gun manufacturers have never noticed this phenomenon.

Most Americans support sensible gun regulation. Most of Americans are not paid by the NRA. Maybe the ones who are will get the message coming out of Florida.

Loran Randles

New Castle

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