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Letter: Disappointing the Grinch

I’m sure the capitalistic Grinches that try every year to steal Christmas are disappointed in me for how little I’ve spent so far this holiday season.

I didn’t leave the house on Black Friday or touch my computer on Cyber Monday. Amazon will get none of my business as long as they sell assault rifles.

What Christmas shopping I’ve done has been at locally owned, small shops here in Carbondale; no big boxes or franchises of any kind. I’m not comfortable trading with the scabs at Walmart.

I’ve bought many gifts at charitable silent auctions. That way I can give a loved one something hopefully useful and contribute to a worthwhile nonprofit at the same time.

I haven’t even caved in to the online “Colorado Gives” blitz. I’ll give to those charities when I don’t feel somebody’s trying to take advantage of my seasonal generosity.

For entertainment, I’ve done the Mountain Madrigals, the tree and street lighting in Carbondale, and will do Handel’s Messiah at Grace Church in Basalt. They’re all free and nobody has their hand in my pocket.

The commercialization of Christmas sickens me. Let’s honor the man whose birthday it is by observing His message to reject the material while embracing the spiritual and ignoring those who see nothing but dollar signs this time of year.

Fred Malo Jr.


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