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Letter: Disgusting letter

My wife and I had breakfast out today, and as usual we read the paper. She suddenly rose up and said “that’s disgusting.” I looked at her, and she was pointing to a letter posted on the Opinion page. I turned to the page and read the letter.

David Panico’s letter should never have been printed. This coming from an ultraconservative who would stand up for the right of anyone who had something to say that was reasonable and acceptable for public viewing. Panico’s letter was neither.

I have written and read letters for over 25 years in the PI and have never read a letter that was as filthy and disrespectful toward women and as politically incorrect as his. If I owned the PI, I would fire the person responsible and place Panico on a read-before-publishing list.

There is no excuse for allowing this kind of trash to be publicly posted in any kind of newspaper even one as liberal as the PI. What in the hell were you thinking?

Norm Shroll

Glenwood Springs

Editor’s note: We were thinking that Roger Ailes was dismissed from Fox News over allegations of repeated sexual harassment. Panico’s letter was not sexually explicit or profane, and represented his view about a current news story.

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