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Letter: Disingenuous complaints

It’s disappointing to see people who serve the community disavow the bridge that’s underway. It’s also disingenuous. If the present eloquence was expressed a year or two ago, it would make the complaints more palatable and constructive, rather than hearing them now as leaders in a chronic complaint. The facts have been apparent since the inception of the present bridge plan.

Complaints are like the Family Circus cartoon that sometimes draws upon ghostly figures symbolizing “Not Me.” In other words, complainers are lacking constructive, timely dialogue, in spite of their would be appearance to the contrary, by pointing out the obvious. Duh.

All the elements for other options exist. The PI found some as nearby as Vail. In the meantime, Glenwood will have to live with the hand it dealt itself, thank you.

Fred Stewart

Grand Junction

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