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Letter: Ditto that thought

If your electricity bill comes from Holy Cross Energy (HCE), you are a member owner of the cooperative and should be proud. HCE is one of the most forward-thinking electricity co-ops in the nation, thanks to members like you electing directors that represent your values.

If you recently received your HCE ballot, please be sure to vote for Kristen Bertuglia and Adam Palmer. It’s simple, easy and has a huge impact — possibly one of the largest direct impacts you can have on your electricity rates and access to renewable energy.

Kristen and Adam have been a key part of helping HCE achieve nearly 40 percent renewable energy in 2017 — without raising rates. They will continue this momentum. Both are committed to ensuring that HCE remains a leader in clean, responsible energy, as well as safety, reliability and affordability. Both support and will continue to provide HCE consumers with innovative programs to help businesses and families save money, and have the vision to support electric vehicles and transit to reduce pollution and save costs.

In addition to being exemplary directors at HCE, both Kristen and Adam are longtime locals who bring deep knowledge of community needs, issues, dynamics and values to their service on the HCE board. By re-electing these directors, the Roaring Fork, Eagle and Colorado river valleys will continue to benefit, both economically and environmentally.

Chris Menges


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