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Letter: Diversity, in all forms, is strength

Not too long ago, the passage of Proposition 8 in California and the restrictive measures therein caused my wife and me to think more about our gay and lesbian friends and there struggle to acquire rights guaranteed to all others.

The high point of one of our days back then was seeing 30 or 40 gay men singing “Going to the Chapel” on the San Fran courthouse steps – on CNN, yet. It was so cool and they were so happy. My wife and I laughed and nearly cried with joy for them.

How wonderful that these folks are so enthused about making a real commitment to a loved one. Marriage is the ultimate bond and commitment individuals can make to one another. Good for the LGBT community for wanting so much to be able to make this commitment. Good for San Francisco and then-Mayor Gavin Newsom for their commitment to this cause. Marriage should be a right guaranteed to all.

As for the religious right and their involvement, isn’t it strange that people who tout themselves as being very religious should spend so much time and effort trying to destroy love, friendship and commitment?

We should respect and encourage diversity in all forms. In diversity there is strength – for us all. Isn’t that what this country is all about and what makes us so strong in the face of adversity?

We want our three kids and six grandkids to live in a country that encourages an atmosphere of love and respect for others rights.

No matter how “different” we might appear to one another, inside we are all the same.

Charles Loomis

Glenwood Springs

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