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Letter: Divisions not new

John Stroud, it’s a fallacy that we are more divided than we’ve always been (In Defiance, Aug. 20). It’s just more in the open. More of it finds a vehicle of anonymous expression. There are several interrelated factors involved that make it seem like it’s a new phenomenon.

Gone is our backbone. It used to be a functional trait of personal ethics that “sticks and stones may break my bones but words cannot hurt me,” which effectively took the power away from words and retained it in the individual’s own sense of self-respect. This changed when the pseudo-science of psychiatry/psychology needed costumers to legitimize it. 

So, herein lies the actual divide which isn’t: We are all thoroughly conditioned consumers; consuming whatever fad fancies our side actually gives us more in common than differences. It is very hard to admit you are just sheeple, so we cling to the supposed differences we’ve been sold as if they really have substance beyond someone getting you to buy the product. 

This is why talk radio is taken to be the defenders of truth, and the media circus goes 24/7 repackaging news as a sign of Armageddon. Both have acquiesced the job to hocking what the sheeple are buying this week, on their side of the fake divide that creates market share. Add to this the armchair platforms of social media — also structured for advertisement dollars. The flood of debris washing down the aisle forces us all to higher ground. This then being the next interrelated, unseen factor.

Circumstances of the falseness of everything below has pulled us out of the systematic apathy induced by the diversion culture because the apathetic are the best costumers — they need everything — and above apathy are these fickle emotions we’ve been trained to believe are the thing that is hurtful in itself so we don’t need to deal with them. 

Remain compliant homo-consumerus; needing the narcotic advertising to make decisions for us. These emotions are grief, which gives way to fear, which when released give up anger, before we get on with life.

Eric Olander

Glenwood Springs

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