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Letter: Do something good for the future of Garfield County, vote “Yes” on 6A

Reading fiction increases our ability to empathize. When we dive deep enough into another’s story, the world looks a little different when we come back out. We’ve grown in our ability to see the world from someone else’s perspective, and this makes us better listeners and better connectors. Both the giving and the getting of empathy are what heal us from shame. Our culture constantly bombards us with shame, and it’s imperative that we do all we can to foster its antidote.

Some might think we can accomplish our goals without libraries. I disagree. While it is certainly possible to find the kinds of stories we need on the internet, navigating to them requires quite a bit of skill and self-discipline. Finding an enriching story in the library, however, requires only that we let our kids loose to roam. The format of a real-life book encourages us to take a deep dive. The colors and the tactile experience of books draws children in and delights their senses.

It’s true that 45ish dollars per household is a chunk of change to pay. But folks in other states who live outside library districts may have to pay three times that to buy in for library services. This money is planned to go for the important stuff — books, salaries, operations, etc. An investment in libraries is an investment in counteracting the isolation and despair that leads to all kinds of expensive social problems — depression, anxiety, drug use, racism, vandalism, school shootings, etc. It’s time for us to be proactive and do something good for the future of Garfield County. Please vote “Yes” on 6A.

Danielle Johnston


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