Letter: Do the most urgent projects first

Now that we all have our mail-in ballots, let’s talk about our streets. I doubt there is anyone that would not agree that many of our city streets are in need of repair. The big question is whether a tax increase is needed to repair our streets. I like to think of governmental decisions the same way most of us make decisions for our homes. What are our priorities, we can’t afford to do everything we would like to do, so we do the most urgent projects first. If the roof is leaking we would most likely repair it before buying new furniture — it just makes sense. So why doesn’t the city look at our streets in the same way. They are a high priority, and existing tax funds should go to that first, not spending hundreds of thousands of dollars “beautifying” Two Rivers Park. Would it be nice, sure, but we can’t afford it and it is not a necessity. Like our parents taught us, live within your means, and when your means aren’t enough, you can’t ask daddy for more money, or in this case us taxpayers. Use our money more wisely, just like we would.

And, after attending the panel discussions at city hall with the city council candidates I feel Jennifer Vanian and Tony Hershey best fit this way of thinking and would serve us well.

John Korrie,

Glenwood Springs

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