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Letter: Doggone good job

I was over in Rifle a month or so ago to judge the Destination Imagination competition at Rifle Middle School. On the way out of town, I noticed a bit of a minor traffic jam, and sort of wondered what was going on early Saturday afternoon. As I slowly drove by, I saw a flash of brown fur, followed by a young police officer doggedly pursuing something.

It turns out the “fleeing felon” was an obstinate dachshund, who, I understand, was corralled and returned to safety. In this day and age of overwhelming cynicism, criticism and news of terrorism, I thought the officer did a great job of going over and above the call of duty to protect the life of someone’s cherished pet.

All drivers involved were solicitous and understanding, and I left Rifle with a very good opinion of your nice little town. Way to go, Officer. You excelled in doing your duty on that day.

Jeffrey Higgins


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