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Letter: Doing the math

OK, I guess we need have a civics and math lesson for some of the letter writers. First of all, government-owned land is owned by all the people. State land is owned by the residents of the state, federal land is owned by the residents of the USA. The government is the people, it is not the solely the elected officials or state employees, at least that is what the Founding Fathers envisioned. This is common sense, but for the sake of argument lets do a little math to prove a point and stop unsubstantiated statements from being taken as fact.

As I explained in an earlier letter, state and federal lands in Colorado account for 43.3 percent of the land in Colorado. Now most people can figure out that this leaves 56.7 percent of Colorado left that is privately owned. One more simple math equation tells us that for one group of people to own the majority of the 56.7 percent they would have to own 28.36 percent of the land in Colorado, this equals 2,952,020.76 square miles. Pretty sure that that amount of land in Colorado is not owned by Texans.

Bottom line, if Fred Malo Jr. can give me documentation that is not just from a tin foil hat website that shows so-called facts, I will give $100 to any charity Fred chooses. If he cannot provide factual documentation, I challenge him to do the same. You can make your check out the Glenwood Springs Elks College Scholarship Fund. The Elks and the children appreciate the donation, Fred.

Doug Meyers

Glenwood Springs

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