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Letter: Don’t be complicit

I was disappointed to read Alex Beinstein’s Dec. 4 opinion piece titled, “In Defense of Anglo Culture.” This bit of revisionist history regurgitates, almost word for word, other opinion pieces published by Mr. Beinstein (for example, see his Nov. 6, 2017, piece on the “Virtues of President Trump,” wherein he touts some of the same conservative rhetoric word-for-word). And, while I doubt Mr. Beinstein intended to put himself into the White Supremacist camp (remember: he was the local GOP politician who once quit the party to protest anti-Semitic tweets by Mr. Trump), it is worth noting the similarities his opinion piece bares to strategies used by the “alt-right” or “White Nationalist” movement to normalize White Supremacy: 1) Frame racial identity and claims of superiority as “hate free” and academic, 2) Appeal to the cause of “heritage-preservation” to sanitize a history of oppression and frame Anglo-culture as being “under attack” from the outside. Whether he intended to or not, Mr. Beinstein deployed these strategies and furthered (in his own small, but not innocuous, way) the agenda of the White Supremacist cause currently experiencing an alarming resurgence in the West. To the editors of the Post Independent and Mr. Beinstein, please do better. Don’t be complicit in spreading this hateful rhetoric.

Happy Holidays.

Pryce Hadley

Glenwood Springs


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