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Letter: Don’t build there

Thanks, City Council. Thanks a zillion for saving us a million on impact fees. Developers must pay for the havoc they incur.

Next time this comes up, maybe we could give these fees to our residents, the folks who need it the most.

I believe around 1999, Glenwood had the opportunity to purchase the Wulfsohn ranch [Target, etc.]  property for a bit over $2 million. Woah, what a buy!

The city rejected it due to unstable ground on an alluvial fan. Leaders also said it was too unstable for a golf course. I worked for the city for 22 years, and as far as I know, most of the buildings have not been built to withstand the gravitationally forces of an alluvial fan.

RFTA and the Municipal Operations Center buildings are prime examples. Forever money pits. Numerous other buildings and roads are having issues of sinking, sliding and cracking. Therefore, it just does not make sense to build there, unless the foundations can withstand these forces.

So please, City Council, never forget to represent all city residents, and remember how lucky we are to live here.

Michael Hoban

Glenwood Springs                   

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