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Letter: Don’t deny our youth the experience of a hometown airport

My Mother asked me what I wanted for a high school graduation present. I said I wanted flying lessons.
After 10 or 12 hours practicing landings and takeoffs my instructor one morning told me to stop on the apron, then he climbed out of the front seat of the Piper Cub and said; “It’s all yours.” I can still see, hear and feel that moment and nothing I have done since matches the feeling of pride and accomplishment that solo flight gave me.
I continued to fly through college and flew that same Cub to Alaska, with a high school friend who had become the owner and lived in Alaska.
I flew out of Glenwood Airport after moving here and continued throughout my career with a partnership of three other locals and four different aircraft.
My flying was both business and pleasure and an hour and half flight to Denver in the winter for business was very useful and profitable. But my flying was not all business. One pleasure trip was to the annual Experimental Aircraft Association Convention in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, with Frank and Colin Wright together with my two sons. We slept under the wings and still reminisce about it.
The same thing is happening at small airports across the country every day, including Glenwood. I would hate to see anyone, but especially a young person, deprived of a similar experience for lack of a hometown airport.
Bob Cutter,
Glenwood Springs

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