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Letter: Don’t feed the bears

I am in total agreement with Bruno’s comment regarding the homeless: “Keep feeding the bears and they’ll keep getting in the garbage.”

I see homeless everywhere, not just in Glenwood, and the numbers seem to be growing. I also see very able young men and women living as homeless. And not because of hard times, loss of a job, or mental issues, but by choice, as in “being a cool hippie.” The result of this choice is zero community contribution and living off of others.

I would strongly encourage all the contributing community population who have chosen to live a responsible lifestyle to “quit feeding the bears.” As with ants, if there is no food, there are no ants. Do not enable.

The Native Americans had this problem dialed in centuries ago. If a member of the tribe chose not to actively participate, contribute, be respectful and responsible, then they were told to “take a hike” and they banned them from their tribe.

I think it’s time to start considering the same action. As a person of this community, either participate responsibly and contribute or take a hike.

Dave Heyliger

Glenwood Springs

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