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Letter: Don’t judge

Old white men, critical of abortion, have obviously cared for and nurtured a baby, 24/7, for 30 years and understand the grave responsibility undertaken when creating a person.

It is 90 some days till the election. So, we OWMs would be the first to admit that the decision to birth should only be taken when one is settled in, with a loving mate, a home and after one has reached their desired level of education, a job with sufficient income.

Ones so smart obviously know the difference between a zygote and a 6-month-old fetus with a mostly formed brain and organs. So a smart person knows the huge value of Planned Parenthood and the critical health services they provide to young women, helping them to understand their bodies, without judgment, give contraception, tests, and a full range of information.

When the lady decides to have the baby, she receives thorough testing and more information. Of course OWMs fully support Planned Parenthood and wish to fully fund their sane mission. Granddad always said, “A child doesn’t become an adult person until they turn 35.”

John Hoffmann


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