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Letter: Don’t let big spenders take away TABOR

Coloradans soon have an opportunity to make sure that our state’s spending stays under control. The November 2019 ballot has a Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR) question. Please vote to preserve the right to limit the Colorado Legislature’s spending.

Proposition CC would do away with the TABOR safeguards. It could turn us into another California, where spending evidently has no limits and deficits are huge.

Proposition CC has warm and fuzzy wording, asking that the Legislature be able to “retain revenue for education and transportation without raising taxes.” Sounds like a win/win, but if CC is passed, the money goes into the general fund and can be used for almost anything in the future. You won’t get your TABOR refunds, and TABOR will be permanently gone.

Please don’t let big spenders take away the Taxpayer Bill of Rights. Vote NO on CC!

Angie Many


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