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Letter: Don’t mind paying for it

I write this on Veterans Day.

I cannot, as one man, fix our country, I can, and will be a voice, for that is what our nation was founded on. Be a voice, though one of reason.

Discussion, not division, is far better than violence. Americans killing Americans is not a terrorist from Central America. A wall will not stop a school shooting.

Every place that we have ever fought a war “that is finished” is now a tourist destination — Vietnam, Germany, Japan and many others, even Cuba.

It is unfortunate that in war we unite, but in peace are divided.

Speak, without arguing. Discuss.

Know, that to stand as two is far better than to be separated by one. Love creates many, not just to two. War kills many more.

Love creates teenagers. They should not die in war. They should understand the building of a nation.

I am but one man, but with my wife, I am a nation. Learn, that before another young person dies, in the defense, or belief in a country, that they should not die in vain. Learn why we vote.

Many deaths created a nation at great cost, a civil war, then two world wars, and at least eight others. We are still in Iraq and Afghanistan.

You are not forgotten.

Yet, today we celebrate the nation that gives “tax cuts.”

You get a big-screen TV and a $1 trillion deficit, which gets votes.

So many died when founding our nation, then later defending it. We did talk politics, we shouted, for we were a nation, not founded on a king, but people, people with voices all different — but also needing to pay for a nation, without a king.

Stop celebrating tax cuts and pay for the nation that so many died for.

A $1 trillion a year deficit does not pay the bills, does not pay veterans benefits.

Education makes a nation “great”; as does sacrifice.

Many in my family fought for a nation.

I don’t mind paying for it.

Marco Diaz


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