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Letter: Don’t need a self-Rep.

It’s good to see more money in our paychecks, isn’t it? For the average earner in Colorado, it’s about $40-60/week — a tank of gas, or a nice meal out (not quite including tips and booze, sadly).

Compared to us, most corporations got a 40 percent tax cut, which a hopeful Paul Ryan said would “create jobs, increase wages for workers, and level the playing field.”

Since then, AT&T has laid off 4,000. Kimberly Clark (you know, Huggies and Kleenex) will lay off at least 5,000 this year. Wal-Mart got $313 million in tax cuts but laid off more than 10,000 that same week. Microsoft, Coca Cola, Dunkin’ Donuts — all have laid off workers and instead given shareholders huge return on their investments.

So the real winners from the $1.5 trillion tax cut are not us, the workers, it’s them — the owners of corporate stocks. Eighty percent of stocks are owned by 10 percent of people. Are you in that group?

Rep. Scott Tipton is. His net worth has increased more than four million dollars since he joined Congress. I wish I could say the same. What I can say is that I want a representative who is working to make my life more affordable, not just his own.

Jerome Dayton


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