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Letter: Don’t sign setbacks petition

Initiative 97 would be a disaster for the state of Colorado’s economy, which is why I’ll be declining to sign the petition to get it on the ballot. The measure would increase oil and gas setbacks to 2,500 feet, up from the current 500 feet.

Why would this be bad? Because making setbacks nearly half a mile would render much of the entire state off limits for development, which is what I think the proponents of the initiative want.

Activists from Boulder (with a lot of money backing them from out of state) want us to “keep it in the ground.” Oil and gas is already tightly regulated by the state, and fuels our economy to the tune of billions of dollars a year.

Ignoring the raw economics for a second, what’s the plan for replacing the lost energy? They don’t have one. So, like I said, this measure is a disaster, and I encourage you to join me in declining to sign their petitions.

Carrie Couey


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