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Letter: Downtown opportunity

(Editor’s note: This letter was also addressed to Glenwood Springs City Council.) 

I recently learned of a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating buildings that are integral to their sites, meet the local needs, and are organically connected to their communities. What a concept. 

The recent announcement of ANB’s intent to tear down a part of Glenwood’s downtown and replace it with a self-serving, look-at-me building that displaces numerous local small businesses strikes me as an excellent example of hubris. 

I’m sure the architect(s) involved in this project dutifully fulfilled the client’s directions, but it’s sad to see such small thinking in a place that others look to as somewhere desirable enough to spend money to visit. I also read that the bank wants to “improve” the downtown area by offering office space to, presumably, bankers, lawyers and investment counselors, all of whom are, clearly, underrepresented at present.

 It occurred to me that a business that is truly community minded, and focused on improving its community home, would be far better received by said community if it considered the remodel/rehab/replacement of the biggest empty space in downtown — the most-recently-former home of CMC at the corner of Ninth and Grand.  

I realize this would be a far more challenging undertaking, for more reasons than I could possibly know, but the impact on Glenwood would be profound and positive. Nothing is undoable if you are determined to do it. Once determination is accomplished, the rest is just means and methods.

If ANB truly wants to be a good neighbor, it should do something for the neighborhood. Oh, and they could put a bank in there, too.

Barbara Hauptli

Glenwood Springs

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