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Letter: Drivers, be patient

With the construction at Exit 114, and especially on Tuesday evening when traffic was backed up for miles and miles, it is a good reminder to everyone that patience and consideration are key to our survival.

It is also a good reminder that blocking intersections is against the law and you can receive a ticket for doing so. Glenwood Springs police officers have been writing blocking intersection tickets on Grand Avenue, and they would have a heyday on Midland at Wulfsohn and Midland at Devereux on weeknights.

My husband did not block the intersection at Midland and Wulfsohn on Tuesday evening (or any night), which allowed people coming off of Wulfsohn to merge onto Midland. Nice guy right? Apparently the woman honking her horn behind him did not think so.

Be patient. You weren’t going anywhere fast anyhow. Most of the people in this traffic jam allowed one or two cars to pull in front of them, which makes the whole process so much easier for everyone.

To those that want to be inconsiderate and rude, I feel sorry for you, because this is just a taste of what is to come in August.

Helen Smith

New Castle

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