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Letter: ‘Drumpf, the schoolyard bully’

Please re-read the Aug. 2 Post Independent article “What parents should do when their child is the bully” (especially the first column) on page A12 under Body & More to appreciate what has prompted this letter. The article is a completely accurate description of the behaviors of today’s most notorious headliner.

Most of us were taught during our early childhood schooling the premise that, “Sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me.”

The past year’s presidential campaign has demonstrated just how false that principle is. The Republican candidate has successfully destroyed his many rivals by assigning disparaging nicknames to them: “Little Marco”; “Low Energy Jeb”; “Lyin’ Ted”; etc. etc. He delights in tossing personal attacks and insults at anyone who attempts to draw attention away from him and his enormous ego. Unpredictably and shockingly, this bullying tactic has worked for him.

Why don’t those, both politicians and journalists, who deplore his childish, disrespectful and clearly unpresidential behavior adopt the same approach? Referring to him as “Little Donny Drumpf, the schoolyard bully” would give him a dose of his own bitter medicine and would relegate him to his real ancestral name rather than the glitziness of the regal brand he says he “sacrificed” to build for himself. It could put him on defense for a change.

H. Carter Barger


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