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Letter: DUI checkpoints needed

Drunken driving is clearly a problem in our modern world. We have a law that allows checkpoints to happen, but we are not implementing them.

Just last month, a young girl died because of drinking and a big accident. I’m a Roaring Fork High School student, and a couple of students and I have been working on a policy that we think would work if our state senator, Randy Baumgardner, would bring it up in a meeting with other senators and talk about small towns doing regular checkpoints.

We would like if they implemented this policy more regularly. The last time we had a checkpoint was on Aug. 31, 2013. That’s bad because that means more people are drinking and driving, and more people are still getting DUIs.

I’m writing because a lot of people, including officers and senators, read the paper and they might think it’s a good idea and they might use it. It would be good if they used it because I know it would stop drunken driving and prevent accidents.

Manuel Mendez


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