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Letter: E-bikes are a trend

Subject: Resolution 2017-09: Prohibiting the Operation of a Class 1, Class 2, or Class 3 Electrical Assisted Bicycle on the Rio Grande Trail.

I am writing to express my strong opposition to this resolution. This represents a slap in the face to the many taxpaying constituents of RFTA, most of whom get little benefit from the existence of RFTA, or only get the benefit of being able to use the Rio Grande Trail.

Like it or not, e-Bikes are a coming trend in transportation, along with an aging population. E-Bikes, in particular those designated as Class 1 by the State of Colorado as of Aug. 9, are “pedal assisted” and do not approach the speeds which we see by many road bikes on the Rio Grande Trail. However, they do provide a great assistance to those of us who wish to be more environmentally conscious in our daily commute, but don’t have lockers and showers at work.

If RFTA is serious in promoting a reduction in traffic on our highways, I would seriously ask that you overwhelmingly reject this resolution and instead affirm the use of Class 1 Electric Assisted Bike on the Rio Grande Trail. If not, please post and aggressively enforce a 20 mph speed limit on the trail and ask that your buses give a wide berth to E-Bikes on the only other route possible, the right lane of Highway 82.

David Merritt

Glenwood Springs

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