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Letter: E-bikes on Rio Grande

Although I understand the necessity to utilize e-bikes as a form of transportation on the Rio Grande Trail during the bridge closure, I have several concerns related to allowing their permanent use between Glenwood Springs and Carbondale:

1) We already have scofflaws (including an elected official), and allowing e-bikes could at the very least open the door to requests to allow other forms of motorized transportation on the trail, or to people simply using their motorized vehicle of choice without the necessary permissions.

2) On any given day, the types of obstacles encountered while commuting between Glenwood and Carbondale can include humans (with or without dogs), wildlife and geological hazards. Pedaling a bike connects you to your surroundings, and I worry that utilizing a motor will provide just enough of a disconnect that we will be transferring the bad behaviors people engage in in their vehicle (such as speeding, talking on your cell phone or texting) to a narrow trail.

Kae McDonald


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