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Letter: Education stories deserve better play

I’m so thankful we have numerous papers about local news in our valley, the Post Independent being one of those I enjoy reading.

On Sept. 20, I was surprised that the downtown restroom location was on the front page when several other more impactful news events were not. The story about Carbondale Middle School’s State Success Award and Glenwood Elementary School’s Innovation Award were on page A6. These are local schools making a difference that were recognized by the state, and we recognize them on page 6.

I don’t know how these decisions are made, and I do thank you for all the newsworthy local stories that day: new district librarian, possible mandatory water right restrictions, History Colorado grant awarded to Glenwood, setback changes rescinded on oil and gas impacting health of locals … All of these could have made the front page.

You cover a lot and do a great job. We have a lot to pay attention to these days.  Thanks for keeping us informed.

Carrie Podl Haberern


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