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Letter: Eggs nothing compared to hate

In response to Bob Rankin’s Nov. 1 letter about eggs being thrown at the Republican headquarters, I agree that it is improper behavior. You are shocked?

Mr. Rankin, eggs on a building can be washed off. Hate-filled language, on the other hand, festers and becomes a wound that does not heal. No amount of scrubbing makes it disappear.

You are concerned that egg-throwing sets a bad example for our youth? I would seriously like to know if you believe that Mr. Trump’s relentless, angry, dehumanizing remarks made about women, against minorities, against countries and against the news media is an example for youth to admire.

Let’s make a deal. I call on all Democrats to repudiate the egg-throwing — and you, Mr. Rankin, call on all Republicans to unequivocally repudiate the language of the president.

Niki Delson


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