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Letter: Either outsider a good vote

This is a follow-up to last week’s Western Colorado Independent Voters candidate forum with Democrats Diane Mitsch Bush, Arn Menconi, and Karl Hanlon’s campaign staff. These candidates are running for Colorado’s 3rd Congressional seat.

All candidates responded well to our questions about election reform including overturning Citizens United and other election reforms. They also responded well to the issues of health care, economy, immigration, and protecting the environment. They were all critical of the current politics as usual in Washington, D. C.. Menconi was emphatic about impeaching Trump. He stated that Trump was vulgar and a poor example for America’s children. I totally agree with that.

Diane Mitsch Bush is intelligent and sharp on the issues, but unfortunately she is locked into the Democratic Party’s elite establishment with her endorsements from Ken Salazar, Mark Udall and former Gov. Bill Ritter Jr.. I am concerned that her enthusiasm for the environment will be doused by Salazar. Ken Salazar was never about protecting the environment.

We need to vote the elite political establishment in both the Democratic and Republican parties out of office and out of the lobbying business. This includes Rep. Scott Tipton. The Salazar endorsement of Bush is a big red flag.

I am recommending that all independent/unaffiliated voters vote for either Karl Hanlon or Arn Menconi in the June 26 primary election. I encourage all registered Democrats to vote for Hanlon or Menconi. I encourage all registered Latino voters to vote for Hanlon or Menconi. They represent the social justice that all Latinos deserve.

Hanlon and Menconi are party outsiders. They are the closest to being independents right now. They would make great independent candidates now and in the future. Hanlon and Menconi are truly the real grassroots candidates. This is what we need in Washington, D.C., not party establishment candidates from the political industrial complex.

Randy Fricke

New Castle

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