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Letter: Election meddling is not partisan

Whether a citizen is a Democrat or a Republican, we should all be alarmed by the message from Robert Mueller who stated that the Russians interfered in our election process and continue to do so. Our nation is so embroiled in partisan politics — bickering as to whether or not Donald Trump is guilty of a crime — that we are overlooking the fact that the U.S. needs to launch nationwide and statewide initiatives to stop the Russians from meddling in our elections.

It is my understanding that four pieces of legislation aimed at election security, introduced by Democrats, have been blocked by Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell. His reasoning? McConnell believes that the legislation is highly partisan and that on a federal level the government is already doing enough and that it is the states’ responsibility to ensure election security.

It is obvious to me that the U.S. government should be treating election meddling by a foreign government as a priority and not a partisan issue. If the Republicans do not like the legislation that has been introduced, they should come up with their own. Doing nothing is a crime against U.S. citizens and people will lose faith in our election process. Call your elected representatives and let your concern be known; let’s not be quiet on this issue.

Valerie E Gilliam,

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