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Letter: Electoral college has value but could be improved

After reading the letter from Margrethe “Gete” Bond I feel compelled to respond. 

In her quest to ensure every vote counts she presented some inaccuracies. 

First the United States is a republic not a democracy. A republic ensures the protection of all citizens against the mob rule of a straight democracy. 

Second she laments that the president and vice president are the only federal government positions not elected by popular vote. At the founding of our country only house representatives were elected by popular vote, president by electoral college and senators selected by state legislators.

The most important point, a popular vote ensures every vote counts; however, I argue that method means a combination of five of the following cities — New York, Washington, D.C., Newark, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle — would hold sway over the country. The combined population of those cities are greater than the population of the remaining country.

If every state went to a proportional form of assigning their electoral votes instead of surrendering them like Colorado, by joining the popular compact, all states would be in play since no state would give all its votes to one candidate. The disenfranchised voters in states like California and Texas would see their votes count for something. That would strengthen the electoral college and the unity of our country.

Stanley Shechter


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