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Letter: Enforce standards for civility, respect

It is time for the Post Independent to affirm and enforce its standards for civility and respect on the editorial page. You have declared that submissions “deemed libelous, not factual, or in bad taste will not be printed.”Differences of opinion and competing ideas are valuable dynamics in a creative and civil society. Insults and cheap language are not, and they do not serve those purposes.

Please insist that letter-writers and columnists (whether local or syndicated), are either required to speak of other people — and their views — in fair, even if disagreeing, tone. Otherwise, do not publish them in your paper.

Referring to United States senators and others who step up in the public arena as “demented” and “nut-jobs” and to their policy proposals as “BS” is not acceptable (PI, Reagan, Sept. 7). To inaccurately refer to the current U.S. president as “dictator” distracts from the letter-writer’s otherwise thoughtful analysis (PI, Carr, Sept. 8).

Help shape meaningful discourse by making your contributors shape up in their tone and terminology.

Thank you.

Steve Smith

Glenwood Springs

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