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Letter: Enough is enough

Banks are no longer the bastion of retail economic security. Brick and mortar banks see fewer walk-ins and are at the bottom in sales tax. 

Why so many? Glenwood has 10, New Castle – 1, Silt – 0, Rifle – 5. Going up valley, Carbondale – 3, Basalt – 4, Aspen – who knows. 

Banks choke out real estate space for vibrant retail activity. They create dead zones to small scale tourism. Community planners encourage a mix of shopping for locals and visitors alike. Banks are no longer the magnet clustering commerce. They are auto-oriented. 

American National Bank currently has a great location — visibility, parking, a drive-thru, and, half of Glenwood lives past its front door. 

Going backwards to hurt the downtown just doesn’t seem to add up. ANB needs to wake up, count its base and stay a welcomed part of this town. 

Dean Moffatt 

Glenwood Springs

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