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Letter: Essex thanks

We are fortunate that in our small area we have had a visionary as editor of our paper. He will be hard to replace because he has deepened the leadership role of Editor of the Post Independent. The series of articles on affordable housing and on immigration were not only well researched and balanced, but they encouraged citizens to engage in solutions. These articles were followed up by public forums, where all sides had the opportunity to hear each other out and to learn. I attended the immigration forum and heard from the sheriff, the superintendent of schools, a DACA recipient, among others. It wasn’t always comfortable, but it widened my lens and led to my participation in Citizenship Workshops. I have never before experienced this expanded role of a paper’s editor, and I hope we can find a pro-active replacement who is willing to do half as much.

It makes me wonder what his recent detractor, Sean Elias, has done for the community.

Sue Lavin

Glenwood Springs

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