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Letter: Everybody at risk

Republicans pick up what Democrats are giving out without gratitude. They are just opportunists, not aware of what they can control. Machiavelli, “the schemer,” is their god, even though they give lip service to Jesus.

Republicans fear the worst of the following; Democrats don’t understand the second half:

Everybody deserves good health; it isn’t the government’s job to enable or reward bad health.

Everyone needs assistance in the wake of natural disasters; it isn’t the government’s job to rebuild in known disaster zones.

Good fences make good neighbors; pray tell, the Canadians have to build a fence.

It is best to embrace the world on its own terms; ignore Russia with time zones that span half the globe?

Name a Democrat who will deny the premise; find a Republican who not only understands, but does something constructive.

It’s not just the Trump administration that is at the mercy of the Republicans. It’s everybody at risk, including “radical Democratic terrorists.”

Fred Stewart

Grand Junction

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