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Letter: Exactly the reasons for Polis

In Art Germann’s letter (GPI, 9/9/18), he points out that Jared Polis is in favor of universal health care and is concerned about climate change, and so you should vote against him. These are exactly the reasons you should vote for him.

Health care is not just for the privileged. Think, for instance, of a very sick 2-year-old child whose parents are not wealthy and can’t afford treatment. That child should be denied health care?

When it comes to climate change, Jared Polis is rational enough to accept measured data and realize that action is needed. The changes in climate are becoming obvious even to lay persons.

What is really disturbing about Mr. Germann’s letter is his last sentence about “questionable character,” which is really a dog whistle to those opposed to an individual’s right to live his life as he wants.

Gerry Terwilliger


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